Snake Charmers in Jaipur, India.

Travel Photography in India

India fascinates, India attracts. Sometimes makes you angry, but surely it never leaves you indifferent.

India is a country of strong contrasts due to a complex society, made up of wealth and opulence on one hand, and extreme poverty on the other. Despite this, the beauty of life is constantly celebrated through its outstanding notes and colors.

Music is omnipresent, from rattles on women’s feet to litanies from temples. The sparkling pallettes of the saris and the bright colors of the turbans, color the streets and villages.

In short, a trip to India is a concentration of unique and deep experiences, both for its incomparable landscapes, for its trembling megalopolises or for unexpected encounters.

This is a condensation of my best travel photos from India during my four visits. I hope you will like them …