Abruzzo landscapes photo

Campo Imperatore – The little Italian Tibet

Exploring the Italian Apennines with a Camper van.
In this second stage of the exploration of the Italian Apennines, Florence and I decided to photograph the plateau of Campo Imperatore in the province of Aquila in Abruzzo.

Given the wild and non-anthropized nature of the area in question, we chose to move with our van, which for the two of us is the ideal way to travel. Great sense of freedom, low cost and above all the possibility of sleeping near the places you want to photograph before dawn.

Campo Imperatore is often called the “little Italian Tibet” due to its particular geography. A karst plateau at an altitude of 1800m, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Italian Apennines where winters are long and extremely snowy.

The idea of this gallery is to give you a sense of the place and maybe inspire you one day to visit it in person.
Although this area is one of the wildest corners of Europe, its access is relatively easy since it is only a 2-hour drive from Rome.