Morocco travel photography

Morocco – Journeying through the Maghreb jewel

I traveled to Morocco in 2020, taking advantage of the low cost flight route Pisa – Marrakesh. A small fiat panda accompanied me and my partner Florence for 3 weeks.

We started from Marrakesh and then up towards Ait Benhaddou crossing the Atlas. Impressive landscapes on the way. Then, Ouarzazate, the spectacular Dades valley, Imichil, Ifrane, Meknes up to Fez and then down to Fez

Being used to traveling mainly in South Asia (which remains the part of the world I love most) I must be honest that the Moroccan experience was surprising for travel photography given the great variety of landscapes, but more difficult than usually on the human side.

Morocco is divided in two by the mountains. Frosty climates and peaks covered in snow and ice collide with hot, dry areas such as the Western Sahara. These extremes have created a multitude of cultures and great civilizations, whose traces remain alive in the fascinating cities.