Traditional life in Valtellina

Valtellina is one of the great longitudinal valleys of the Alps such as Val d’Aosta and the Venosta valleys, but unlike the latter it has two completely different faces both from a naturalistic and a touristic point of view.

The Rhaetian side, i.e. the northern one, is the most famous and frequented by tourists.The other side, on the other hand, the Orobic one, is unknown to the most unknown, carved by many small valleys that still do not know tourism, where nature and the same traditions are still those of a hundred and more years ago.

Up there the Bitto DOP, a traditional cheese whose origin dates back to the Celts, is produced exclusively with Valtellina cow’s milk from June to September, in the period in which the herds stay in the pastures at high altitude and their diet consists mainly of grass of the mountain pastures.