Theyyam dance

Theyyam: Night of Fire

Metalsmith in Patan, Nepal

Metalsmiths of Patan

travel photography in sri lanka

Negombo Fish Market

Young Moroccans walk in marrakesh

Travel Photography in Marrakesh – Morocco

Once a destination for camel caravans from the south, the oasis was…

Snake Charmers in Jaipur, India.

Travel Photography in India

India fascinates, India attracts. Sometimes makes you angry, but it…

Street scene in fes, morocco

Street Photography in Fez – Morocco

Fes, the oldest of the imperial cities can be defined as the symbol…

Trabocco Turchino at sunrise.

Landscape Photography – Costa dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo

The Costa dei Trabocchi embodies the charm and mystery that often…

Chianti landscape

Landscape Photography in Chianti – Tuscany

The Chianti area in Tuscany is a small homogeneous and defined…

Horses roaming on castelluccio di norcia plain

Sibillini Mountains National Park

This year I decided to buy a van to fully explore my country Italy

Abruzzo landscapes photo

Campo Imperatore – The little Italian Tibet

Campo Imperatore is often called the "little Italian Tibet" due to…